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corporate events

Provide your employees with a little technical knowledge as an added HR benefit. Some digital issues cause employees time away from work and and an extreme amount of stress.  

I can address employees as one group or stay all day and rotate groups to keep productivity up.

Dealing with Digital Drama: Is There an App for That?
This session provides an overview of the current digital environment. Topics covered include types of apps parents should be aware of, basic digital/device safety, cyberbullying, video challenges and status seeking behavior, oversharing, sexting, sextortion and predators. We'll also discuss how and when to monitor students' social media. 1 hour with additional 30 minutes for questions if requested. Also available for schools, churches and community groups.

Cyberbullying: Power Hour for Parents
This session focuses on the causes and impact of cyberbullying, types of cyberbullying and apps that lend themselves to bullying. Participants will learn how to inspire peer-driven change in students, report cyberbullying, have offensive material removed, when possible, preserve digital evidence and when contacting law enforcement is appropriate. 1 hour session. Also available for schools, churches and community groups.

My Kid Would Never Do That: Sexting & Shaming
We'll take an in-depth look at the driving forces behind sexting (sharing inappropriate photos, videos and messages) and why our kids continue to self-exploit, even when faced with irrefutable evidence that people do get caught. It will also discuss sexual cyberbullying (shaming) and the impact on victims. Social and legal consequences will be discussed. Most importantly, we'll develop a strategy in the event that a young person in our lives make a mistake. 1 hour session. Also available for schools, churches and community groups.

Social Media for Professionals

This session is designed to help professionals young and old navigate social media, secure their personal devices, cultivate their social media image and avoid some truly embarrassing social media pitfalls. We'll also discuss discussing business/clients via text or social media, using your personal phone for business and it's legal impact - and last, but certainly not least, how your personal social media impacts your professional life.

The Intersection of Social Work and Social Media

Precertified course for social workers (front line staff and investigators). This two hour course covers everything listed above. Please contact your circuit manager for more information or to book a class. Pre=approved for 210 credit. I am an established vendor with the State of Missouri.

churches and community groups

If you are part of a congregation or community group please choose a course and give me a call for pricing. All the courses are available to you as well. I will ask that we gather a minimum of 20 people per session. 

Don't see what you need here? custom built presentations available upon request

30 days minimum lead time.