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A quick note about cyberbullying...

Every school experiences some level of cyberbullying - hateful comments, unflattering pictures and tweet wars are fairly commonplace.

But if your school is currently experiencing chronic and needlessly cruel online harassment there are a few things you can do right now to slow down that traffic until myself or another speaker can get to you.

(1) Notify the parents so they can monitor mood/behavior changes at home and provide support.

​(2) Visit sites like WeStopHate.org for project ideas pertaining to online harassment. Through WSH your students can form their own club to support each other.

​(3) Give your students the option to use systems already in place like the HelpChat Line at Stompoutbullying.org, or develop a low-cost alternative (like a staffed cell phone) where they can report anonymously. Students are far more likely to chat or text than to make a phone call or an appointment with a counselor.

(4) Please do not sit the victims down with the aggressors. This is a bad idea for so many reasons and I'll list just a few:

  • The victim is unlikely to talk about the abuses in front of their abuser.
  • From the above, the abuser simply derives power, sometimes pleasure and they have a great story to tell their friends.
  • ​Also from the above, the victim will likely be revictimized. Instead, encourage the victim to screenshot what is happening as it happens and provide you with those screenshots.
  • It is always possible that the reporting party has participated in some small way - or full on provoked the other party. If at all possible it's good to take a little look around at the social media site in question before any official inquiries are made, and I try to offer my students an "out" prior to approaching the other party, like "Are there any comments you made about this individual recently that could have been misinterpreted?"

(5) Please don't hesitate to call me. We can assess the severity of the situation and make a plan.

That being said, I do offer cyberbullying programming: 

Cyberbullying: Power Hour

A cyberbullying prevention and social media management session in which the power is handed back to the students – the power to report (not snitch), the power to shape their digital environment and the power to lead happier, healthier digital lives and reduce the stress of digital drama. Students will learn in app tools, the ins and outs of blocking, how to rally online support and when to get an adult. Can be made suitable for all students, grades 3-12.

Power Hour for Parents

This session focuses on the causes and impact of cyberbullying, types of cyberbullying and apps that lend themselves to bullying. Participants will learn how to inspire peer-driven change in students, report cyberbullying, have offensive material removed, when possible, preserve digital evidence and contact law enforcement is appropriate. 1 hour session.