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Because I believe in truth in advertising, I will freely admit this is my avatar and bears little, if any, resemblance to my person. I've had several people ask why I don't use my own likeness.  ​The answer is simply, "because I like to grocery shop without talking about Snapchat".


Jennifer Schiffman, Founder

DigiDiva Dialogs

For eight years I had the great honor of serving as a civilian member of the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children. Over those eight years I had the privilege of serving with and training alongside some of the most amazing members of law enforcement. I regularly trained on a host of topics including child pornography, online offenders, child molesters and their tactics, human trafficking, sexting, sextortion and cyberbullying.

In my last five years with the task force I served as the prevention specialist for the unit, speaking to nearly 90,000 students - and those students have provided me with more real life take-aways than I could ever glean from any seminar, webinar, podcast or conference. They've shared their stories of heartbreak and humiliation due to cyberbullying, sexting and extortion. They've shared stories of fear due to threats, swatting and meeting the "wrong" people online. But they've also shared wonderful stories of support, community and fellowship they've found through social media, and they've shown me their thirst for knowledge and creativity.

Since leaving the task force and creating DigiDiva my mission has been to blend the critical safety information our kids need with tangible and proactive advice geared to their developmental abilities. I have a very laid back, interactive and FUN teaching style to keep energy levels and attention spans where they should be. It's my fondest wish that the kids actually have a good time while they're learning.

In working with adults I've come to realize that we all have different comfort levels with technology and very few of us have any idea how it works, how to protect ourselves or have a good understanding of the boundaries we should be setting not just for our children, but for ourselves. I frequently work with parents struggling to keep up with a deluge of new apps and devices they may not have themselves or even care to understand. and other adults who've been using social media since middle school but "got off the bus", so to speak, after Facebook and Twitter.

In short, what I do here at DigiDiva is provide people with information they need in the words and ways they understand - from Techzillas to grandparents and everyone inbetween.